Our Projects

Explore our Project Showcase, a testament to the innovation and drive that thrives within the Michigan Venture Club. These projects, led by our dedicated members and facilitated by our comprehensive resources and guidance, exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit of our club. From startups sparked in our incubator program to tangible outcomes from our workshops, each project embodies the diverse talent, creativity, and ambition nurtured here.

Our Presentations

Since our club's inception over a year ago, we've hosted weekly meetings where members collaboratively share and learn. These sessions serve as a stage for them to discuss their investment projects and to connect with core members, fostering a spirit of mutual understanding, creativity, and enhanced teamwork. Our core members further contribute by imparting their experiences in VC job hunting, research, and the entrepreneurial journey. This continuous sharing doesn't just expand our collective knowledge but also fuels each member's passion for personal growth and dream realization. Beyond the tangible benefits of knowledge transfer, these meetings cultivate a sense of camaraderie, forming strong bonds and friendships that are pivotal for our future collaborations.