Michigan Venture Club

The Michigan Venture Club at the University of Michigan is the premier destination for students who are passionate about international startups and venture capital. As a student-led organization, we strive to connect our members with industry professionals and provide them with valuable resources and opportunities to enhance their understanding and skills in the field.

Our offerings include extensive industry research, hands-on deal sourcing experience, and an incubator program for aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, we regularly host events and workshops on various topics related to venture capital and entrepreneurship, providing a platform for knowledge-sharing and networking.

Join us, and gain access to the expertise and guidance you need to thrive in the exciting world of venture capital and entrepreneurship. Whether you're seeking to expand your understanding of the industry or ready to launch your own company, Michigan Venture Club is the perfect community to support your journey.

Why MVC?

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The First International Venture Club at the University of Michigan

Committed to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusivity, we are proud to introduce the first international venture club at the University of Michigan. Our club welcomes students of all majors, academic levels, nationalities, and races to join us in fostering an inclusive and engaging community.
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Expertise in Early-Stage Investment Opportunities

The Michigan Venture Club specializes in identifying and investing in promising early-stage companies across key industries such as consumer, technology, and healthcare. Our team of experienced investment professionals works closely with leading PE/VC institutions, successful investors, talented entrepreneurs, and active incubators to drive long-term value and economic growth. With over 100 team members and ambitious expansion plans, we are well-positioned to continue identifying and supporting the next generation of successful companies.
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Incubation and Support for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

At Michigan Venture Club, we are dedicated to helping students turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality. We provide our members with resources, guidance, and mentorship to assist in the development and launch of their startups. Whether you're in the ideation phase or ready to launch your project, we are here to support you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.
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Connecting Investors Across the United States and China

As a premier network of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, Michigan Venture Club is dedicated to fostering connections and investment opportunities between the United States and China. Our members have access to a wide range of resources, including a network of experienced investors, a comprehensive database of potential investors, and a platform for sharing deals and industry best practices. Join us and expand your network and investment opportunities.

Our Mission

The Michigan Venture Club is a student-led organization that is committed to identifying and investing in early-stage and rapidly-growing companies. Established in 2022, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources, support, and mentorship they need to take their ventures to the next level. We offer students hands-on experience in business practice, funding internships, networking opportunities, and financing support, all aimed at fostering their growth and success in the venture capital industry. Our vision is to be a conduit for students to transition seamlessly from campus to the venture capital industry, and a hub for alumni to create connections and opportunities within the industry.

22 Fall Team

Fall Team

23 Winter Team

Winter Team

Support and Resources

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Investment Companies

We invite established corporate investors, representatives from investment companies, and entrepreneurs to share their investment experience and insights. We provide internship opportunities for our members through collaboration with these companies. Our existing resources include a family office fund with a scale of more than one billion RMB.
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Alumni Connections

In Michigan Venture Club, our members can use our built Alumni Resources to connect with other alumni, learn about job opportunities, and get advice on starting their own businesses.
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Inter-University Partnerships and Collaboration

We have established partnerships and collaborations with venture capital clubs at prestigious universities such as Yale, Columbia, Penn, Cornell, New York University, and others across the United States, expanding our members' access to resources, networking and opportunities.

Organizational Structure


Leadership Team

The leadership team is comprised of our two presidents and six vice presidents. They are responsible for the overall management and direction of the Michigan Venture Club, ensuring that the club runs smoothly and efficiently, and that all members are able to fully participate and benefit from their experience. The leadership team also serves as a point of contact for communication and updates on the latest news and events for the club's members.

Research and Investment Team

The research and investment team is made up of around 10 groups that focus on different industries such as technology, biology, healthcare, consumer, and web3. They are responsible for conducting research on various industries and identifying potential deals that the club can pursue. This team plays a crucial role in keeping the club up-to-date on industry trends and identifying new opportunities for the club's involvement.They work closely with the leadership team to align their research with the club's overall goals and objectives.

Communications and Operations Team

The communications and operations team is responsible for managing the club's public relations and internal operations.They work to promote the Michigan Venture Club's activities and events, and ensure that the club runs smoothly. The team includes a VP, several managers, and other members and acts as liaison between club members and department, school and other organizations.


Our Team

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