VC Firm Visit

We proudly hosted the "Chicago Venture Capital Firm Visit," offering our members a unique opportunity to engage directly with leading venture capital professionals in Chicago. This curated event facilitated in-depth discussions, knowledge-sharing, and networking, providing our members with invaluable insights into the venture capital landscape. We're delighted with the positive outcomes and are eagerly planning more enriching experiences for our community.

Chicago Retreat

During this edition, we had the privilege of collaborating with four esteemed venture capital firms:

Pritzker Group
Drive Capital
Origin Ventures

Hyde Park Venture Partners

Guest Speaker Insights

In the past, we invited several heavyweights from the industry to share their experiences and insights, including entrepreneurs, investors, and heads of startup incubators. Through high-frequency, multi-dimensional dialogues, our members have gained immensely, establishing an entrepreneurial investment community spanning China and US, empowering every participant.

Drive Capital Presents: AI Meetup At UMich

Guest Speaker: Landon Cambell - Chicago General Manager of Drive Capital

DESAI Accelerator: An accelerator focused on helping UMich startups grow

Guest Speaker: Steve - Head of DESAI Accelerator

Financial Service Startup Workshop: Securing Investment from Y-Combinator

Guest Speaker: Scott - Founder of Fizz.

Fizz has successfully raised around $6 million in seed funding from esteemed institutions like YC, Kleiner Perkins, SV Angel, and Alexandr Wang. Their primary mission is to develop the safest credit card product tailored specifically for college students. Notably, the co-founders took bold steps by leaving Cornell University and Harvard University to pursue this venture.

Entrepreneurship Incubation

To support budding entrepreneurs, MVC has proudly launched the Entrepreneurship Lab. This initiative congregates a selection of outstanding entrepreneurs from the University of Michigan. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support, including market research, team building, funding, and beyond. We aim to address information asymmetry, seamlessly integrate resources, strength and assist our entrepreneurial community.

College DAO

College DAO is the fastest-growing blockchain education network on over 150+ college campuses worldwide. We empower students to get involved in the blockchain industry through education, internships, startup funding, and events like hackathons.

VC Summit

MVC is steadfast in staying abreast of industry insights and delving into the latest trends. In the past, we have dispatched numerous members to attend premier global summits, such as the Harvard PE/VC Conference, MIT Energy Summit, ETH Denver, and the Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Conference. Additionally, we were proud co-organizers of the inaugural Michigan Blockchain Summit.

Blockchain Conference

ETH Denver

HBS PE/VC Conference

MIT Energy Conference

On-Campus Events

MVC holds a prominent position on the University of Michigan campus. We are actively involved in organizing, leading, and participating in a vast array of entrepreneurial and investment events. Some of these include the Michigan Venture Capital Conference, Midwest Venture Conference, V1 Demo Day.

Michigan Venture Capital Conference

Midwest Venture Conference

V1 Demo Day